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At Pamper U Mobile Spa, our beauty salon offers medical cosmetic treatments to people with problematic skin conditions that may affect their confidence or their professional standing. We are located in Memphis. Our quick and effective solutions have been developed and refined over time to tackle these issues and get you back to being your most confident self. Consultations are available on a daily basis. To book yours, please call +19014916580.

How It All Started

We know first-hand how problematic skin conditions such as acne and eczema can impact not only your confidence levels but also your enjoyment when it comes to visiting beauty salons and using beauty products. This sparked the idea to develop treatments using scientific research and new skin care solutions. We love nothing more than watching people experience the positive, life-changing results our treatments have had on their appearance.

Give your hair a lease of life

Our professionals are committed to giving the best possible pampering experience for you. They will talk with you to choose the best products for your skin, and will offer advice and guidance to improve the longevity of your results. Our experienced and talented hair stylists will give your hair a new lease of life, and renew your sense of wellbeing. Drop by and reserve your treatment today.

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